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Meet The Team

Each month we’re sitting down with a member of the WR Dunn team to find out who they are and what they do.

Who are you? Martin Smith, Chartered Architect.

Why Architecture? I’ve been interested in architecture from a young age. It’s always fascinated me how buildings are designed and the process behind creating each structure.

Your career inspiration? That’s a difficult one, as there are so many to choose from. I particularly like Lord Rodger’s approach to design. I’m also a big fan of Tadao Ando’s control and use of light, and Chipperfield’s simplicity in all of his work.

Top Three Buildings…

  • Chrysler Building in Manhattan, for its elegant design and striking place in the NY skyline
  • Des Moines Library by Chipperfield, an incredibly simple facade that provides dynamic interest to a public realm building
  • Hagia Sofia, for its overwhelming sense of scale, place and history.

Favourite project to date? This is a design that actually never got commissioned. It was for a specialist Dementia research unit, which took a completely new approach to this style of building. The idea is still something I am incredibly proud of.

A top tip? Always keep a pen and sketch-book handy.

Favourite work treat? I have quite the sweet tooth so I would say some sort of chocolate bar.

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