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Every month, we’re going to be catching up with the WR Dunn team and finding out which building they admire the most in the world, whether it’s from the past, current or a design for the future. First up is Josh Mould.

Josh has been with the practice for two years, his current role is an architectural assistant, whilst he finishes his final part 3 year at the University of Lincoln. He talks to us about his favourite building…

What’s your favourite building?

It has to be the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Located in the centre of the city, in what used to be West Berlin, it is one of the largest Jewish museums in Europe. The collections and exhibitions are housed in two huge buildings, the latest building that was designed and built more recently is a highly contemporary structure compared to the original museum site.


Who designed it?

Daniel Libeskind designed the new building, which is around 160,000 sq ft, with a twisted chevron style design. The building sits next to the original Baroque building. In a similar style to this http://libeskind.com/work/military-history-museum/

Libeskind is a Polish – American born architect, he is known for his highly acclaimed work in Berlin, Dublin, Toronto and Copenhagen. Daniel also won a competition in 2003 to be the master plan architect for the reconstruction of the World Trade Centre in Manhattan.

What makes this building stand apart to you?

The building itself is a piece of art, a huge structure that sits perfectly in the city-scape of Berlin. What comes across to me the most is the emotive way the building has been designed, the structure has a powerful message from the past. The use of concrete and the clever use of light (or lack of) are a wonderful reminder of the city and peoples tortured past.

A visit to the ‘Holocaust Tower’ needs to be experienced first hand to really understand the depth and thought Libeskind has put into the design and creation of this magnificent building. Apart from visiting huge churches, steeped in history, this is the only building that has made me feel in awe and emotion.

What does the building mean to you?

It has such special importance to the world, which you can definitely feel when you’re there. Plus it reminds me of some amazing university trips to Berlin.

Have you ever visited the building? Any plans to?

Twice and would happily go every time I visited Berlin! It’s a must see for everyone that is visiting the city.

Have you used it for inspiration for any of your work projects?

Unfortunately no work related projects, however it was my main source of inspiration for my university work.

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