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Each month we’re sitting down with a member of the WR Dunn team to find out who they are and what they do.

Why Architecture? I grew up with Meccano and Lego, which enabled me to build whatever my mind could think up. At 6 my parents had a kitchen extension, whilst the builder (Charlie) was going about his day to day tasks, he would also suffer me looking at the drawings and asking as many questions as I could until my parents told me to stop ‘bothering him’.

Your career inspiration? I have a few, Bjarke Ingels truly excels at the ability to beautifully explain a scheme through a series of diagrams. Chipperfield with the restraint and confidence in all of his work. The modern masters (Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies etc) all of whom kept me busy at university either through researching the works, the history of the scheme or purely sketching the buildings they completed. Finally Vivienne Westwood, believe in yourself. Top Three Buildings…

  • Burj Khalifa, mainly due to my time working in the Middle East, the scale and engineering feat is truly amazing.
  • Mountain Dwelling by BIG, a fantastic realisation of a scheme. I do wish housing was built like this in the UK.
  • Hepworth Gallery by Chipperfield. Such a simple idea beautifully carried out.

Favourite project to date? I have a few I am immensely proud of, Morgans Office in Leeds. But in terms of pure favourite it has to be the competition win for Wellington Street. A 60 Storey mixed use scheme, with an internal ‘green lung’ and gardens, designed with a quick sketch the concept was so strong it really did make it ‘easy’ after that point.

A top tip? Sketching whilst even talking to the clients can engage them early on to the thought process. Take them on a journey..

Favourite work treat? I do like a packet of ready salted crisps....

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