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W R Dunn & Co was appointed by Escrick Park Estates to develop a new farm shop and café on vacant land to the west of the Hollicarrs Holiday park, near Escrick. The brief required the footprint of 600m2 on a Greenfield site, but space for expansion up to 1,000m2. It must, where possible, use sustainable technology, keep to a strict budget and be creative with its use of natural materials.

The feasibility study commissioned by the team considered three options for the site; the most commercially viable and sustainable option was put forward to the Local Planning Authority, which received approval. The scheme was rapidly constructed and now consists of a retail area and café with butchery, bakery, kitchens and goods stores.

Project Name: Escrick Farm Shop, Escrick Estate

WR Dunn & Co Team: Architect

Project Value: £1m

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