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W R Dunn & Co was appointed by HM Prison Service to act as lead designer and project manager for the delivery of a key strategic project – the provision of an additional 1000 custodial places within the existing prison estate within a 12 month period. This was achieved with the construction of modular buildings with design lives of 5 to 30 years. Our team was appointed as lead designers and project managers within the North region, covering 18 different sites.

Such a rapid expansion of population within the various establishments also put pressure on the ancillary facilities such as Kitchens, Workshops and Visit Rooms. We prepared fully designed and specified packages of work for several new build and refurbishment projects to provide and upgrade existing facilities to accommodate the additional inmates.

Project Name: HMPS North of England Modular Accommodation Programme

WR Dunn & Co Team: Architectural, Chartered Building Surveyors and CDM Coordinators

WR Dunn & Project Value: £100m

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